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Securing Talent for Marelli



To establish a long-term and continuous partnership for securing top talent across multiple departments.

Marelli, a global automotive parts manufacturer, faced the challenge of recruiting for various critical departments, including Supply Chain, Finance, Purchasing, Scanning and Processing, HR, Project Management Office, IT, and Sales. The company aimed to address these hiring needs strategically and establish a consistent talent pipeline.


1. Active Approach towards Passive Candidates: Marelli, like many companies, experienced a decline in responses to traditional job advertisements. GoodCall recognized the need for a proactive approach and implemented a comprehensive strategy to target passive candidates. This involved reaching out to untapped talent pools, enhancing traditional sourcing activities, and leveraging dedicated performance marketing campaigns.

2. Tailored Recruitment Strategies: GoodCall crafted tailored recruitment strategies for each department, considering the unique requirements of roles in Supply Chain, Finance, Purchasing, Scanning and Processing, HR, Project Management Office, IT, and Sales. This approach ensured a targeted and efficient hiring process.


  • Candidates Sourced and Reviewed: GoodCall Slovakia meticulously sourced and reviewed 14,176 candidates, demonstrating a thorough and exhaustive search process.
  • Interviews Conducted: GoodCall conducted 3,949 interviews, showcasing a commitment to screening and assessing candidates thoroughly.
  • CVs Sent by GoodCall: Out of the sourced candidates, GoodCall sent 606 CVs to Marelli, ensuring a curated selection of highly qualified individuals.
  • In-person Interviews: 501 candidates underwent in-person interviews, highlighting the quality of the candidates presented by GoodCall.
  • Accepted Offers: A remarkable 88% acceptance rate was achieved, with 190 candidates accepting offers. This outstanding acceptance rate reflects the alignment between candidate expectations and Marelli's workplace environment.

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