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By offering Recruitment-as-a-Service, we quickly supply our recruitment consultants to manage your critical hiring needs, with a simple monthly fee.

We are

Plug & Hire

Our talent consultants can start quickly and their only task is to source and hire for you

Subscription based

Clear, fixed monthly pricing gives you transparency and allows you to extend whenever you need

Experienced experts

We help you scale at the speed you need with our successful recruitment consultants 

We hire, you grow

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On average our clients save 53% versus classical recruitment agency hiring.


Current team members in our Embedded Recruitment business

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How does Embedded Recruitment contribute?

Our consultants are trained in all forms of active sourcing to hunt and find the best talent for your culture, and they’re always backed up by our team in HQ

We sometimes contact hundreds of people for just one role, but every person will be entered into your database and will stay in your system after we leave

Leverage the expertise of our talent consultants to shape a distinctive narrative and effectively broadcast your message across social media platforms.

We have a track record in successfully hiring in multiple geographies across Europe and can attract people from and to most countries. 

On average our clients save more than 50% on their total hiring costs when compared to classic recruitment agency or executive search fees for mid to high volume hiring. 

Companies who’ve trusted us to help
scale their teams

When to use RPO?

Hiring at least 5 people

When you need to hire at least 5-10 people in a short period of time Embedded Recruitment is the answer.

Expansion please!

You need to expand your TA team for some peak hiring or a new market, but not permanently.

HR is HR, not Recruitment

Your HR team does a lot and can also recruit, but it’s not your only focus.

You need CVs

You need a steady stream of top quality CVs in your inbox each week.


We both do. You manage their day to day work according to your expectations and internal rules, while we ensure that they’re delivering and exceeding those expectations. We will provide reporting on a monthly basis and can make sure any problems are nipped in the bud!

We have specialists in the RPO team in various fields ranging from marketing, sales to IT. We can supply experts across different fields of specialization.

We have a lot of RPO consultants who are currently completing the project or will be completing in the near future, so the start-up time depends on the agreement and our capabilities at the time.

All RPO costs are on the GoodCall side.

Our recruiters use their own phone and computer. They are also equipped with their own HR software Datacruit ATS. You only need to provide training in corporate culture, share your logo, company e-mail signature and other documents with RO consultants, so that they can act as a real representative of your company on LinkedIn and in e-mail communication. Everything else is up to us.

We are very flexible. By default, the rental period of our recruiters ranges from a few hours a week to several months.

Yes, it is possible, but this transaction includes a fee for the transfer of the consultant to the client.

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Managing Partner

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