Privacy Policy and GoodCall’s Information Security Management System

Privacy Policy and GoodCall’s Information Security Management System

To ensure our business goals, activities and compliance with legislative requirements, we create, process and maintain information of a different nature which require to be secured.

The concept of information security means the process of providing information protection to the required level in terms of their confidentiality, integrity and accessibility. 

GoodCall's main goals include providing information security with proportional and adequate measures to protect the information in order to provide an adequate degree of assurance to the job candidate and to our business partners.  This goal is fulfilled by building, deploying, operating, checking, maintaining and continually improving documented information security management system in the context of our risks and business activities. 

Regardless of position, job or role in society the Information Security Policy and related documentation is binding for all GoodCall‘s employees who have access to the protected information. 

Main principles of information security: 

ï Compliance with legislative and contractual requirements in the area of information security; 

ï Ensuring systematic training and increasing staff skills in the area of information security; integrating information security into work responsibilities; 

ï Identifying security incidents and taking effective actions for improvement of information security; regular monitoring, evaluation and updates of security risks analysis; and 

ï Prevention of misuse or loss of information - defining the responsibilities and protection in access to information and the premises where the protected information are located; 

We are constantly monitoring the latest security threats and defense trends against them, so we provide the means to meet the objectives of information security and with their regular review GoodCall is committed to continuously improving the effectiveness of the information security management system. 

This policy is incorporated in the company's working practices and rules on the liability of the employees.

The intention of the management of GoodCall is to promote the objectives and principles of the information security.

Mgr. Milan Novák,

Executive Director of  GoodCall s.r.o.